Capstone Clinic

Dr. Aruna Mohan

Paediatric Dentist




I have been consulting with Dr. Aruna Mohan since my childhood years. Even now, I continue to do so - for her charming and helping nature still endures. Thank you Dr. Aruna Mohan for being an integral part of my life.

Grace Manimaran


Dr. Aruna Mohan's Clinic is one of the well-maintained Dental Clinics in town. I say this because, each time I visit, I find the premises clean, the staff charming, the assisting doctors efficient and Dr. Aruna- totally proficient in what she does.

Durairaj Arumugam


A friendly and approachable person, Dr. Aruna Mohan is not only competent but also caring. She handles her patients professionally and patiently and is ever-ready to answer all questions. I need not worry any more when I am in her safe hands.

Aruna Aravind