The Capstone Clinic




Every speciality at The Capstone Clinic is practised by experts who believe in the power of accurate diagnosis before recommending treatments and procedures to patients. In order to make diagnosis convenient and easily accessible, we have invested in the required Diagnostic equipment and processes. The Laboratory (in collaboration with Ehrlicj-Neuberg Laboratories) and the in-clinic facilities for X-Ray and Ultrasound ensure that patients and their families can complete their end-to-end requirements - from diagnosis to treatment by experts to after-illness care and guidance under the same roof. In line with our multi-speciality approach and family-centric medical practices, our diagnostic services cover the needs of all tests and medical investigations required across specialities and for patients of all ages.


Diagnosis and testing are key aspects of providing the right treatment and medical advice. Keeping in mind the diagnostic needs across all the specialities we operate in, The Capstone Clinic has partnered with Ehrlich-Neuberg Laboratories, a top global laboratory to offer patients a wide range of clinical pathology services. The clinic’s collection centre has trained lab technicians, who will collect the blood/urine samples and then transport the same to the central laboratory to be processed. Once all the data is collected, The Capstone Clinic technician will collect the results from the laboratory. Patients can come to the clinic and collect their test reports via hard copy or request the clinic to send them a soft copy through their registered email ID.The clinic offers biochemistry test profiles, immunology tests, and microbiology tests.

It is important that tests are done in a reputed laboratory with adequate quality control measures in place to ensure accuracy of results. The Capstone Clinic has therefore chosen to partner with Ehrlich-Neuberg Laboratories, that has a proven track record of delivering accurate results to patients for over 37 years. Through this association we aim to provide our patients and their families the convenience of obtaining all their lab tests through a single-window at The Capstone Clinic while also getting access to the expertise and lab standards of one of the best reputed Laboratories in India.

X-Ray And Ultrasound

The Capstone Clinic, Chennai offers imaging study facilities. Services under this include x-rays of various body organs, dental x-rays including OPG (orthopantomogram), ultrasound and Doppler studies, and echocardiography. In addition to providing the best-in-class equipment for these imaging studies, we will ensure that the imaging work is always done by experienced technicians. Our aim is to ensure those operating these machines have the skill and expertise to ensure high clarity and accurate images.

Radiologists and doctors work together as a team at The Capstone Clinic to evaluate the scans/x-rays, to arrive at a diagnosis and plan appropriate treatment protocol.

Every doctor believes in ensuring the right diagnosis and all medical testing is done only as means to achieve the best outcomes for the patient.