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Travel Health Advisory

International travel is increasing day by day. It could be for professional, social, recreational and humanitarian reasons. People do not realise that international travel can pose various risks to health depending on the characteristics of both the traveler and the travel. Changing environment, poor hygiene and sanitation, unexpected bugs, exposure to local infections or conditions specific to some geographies and viruses are the other hazards which can increase the chances of picking up a travel related illness. While, many people are now aware of the need to avail travel and health insurance but yet far too few are aware of the need and advantages of travel related vaccinations. Very often, people end up returning from international travel and facing sickness that could have easily been avoided with the right kind of travel advisory and precautions prior to their travel.

Planning, appropriate preventive measures and careful precautions can reduce the risks of adverse health consequences of travel. Traveling abroad on work or for a holiday is always exciting. But falling sick on foreign soil, without access to a good doctor or medicines can be a very unsettling experience, in addition to language barriers, side effects of new medicines and other expenses associated with medical care. To ensure that you do not fall sick when traveling, you need to visit a travel medicine specialist.

Travel Health Advisory at The Capstone Clinic

The Capstone Clinic offers travel health advisory recommendations and healthcare services to those travelling abroad on business or leisure. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare regularly releases health notices outlining the potential risks and required immunisations when traveling to certain countries. Our experts are always abreast of such notices and guidelines and are well-equipped to provide pre-travel advice, shots, and medicines to travellers.

If you are looking for travel health advisory in Chennai, a visit to The Capstone Clinic is mandatory. This is applicable to following groups of people, among others:

Students travelling for international studies. Some countries like the USA mandate the required vaccinations international students must take in their home country prior to travel to the USA. We recommend students and their families to check with our experts for Travel Advisory even for other countries, even though it is not mandatory.

Volunteers or professionals travelling to do humanitarian / volunteer work. There is no greater service than by those who volunteer to do humanitarian work in developing countries or during/after natural disasters. It is critical that such persons understand the risks of infection in the destination and obtain the expert guidance and vaccinations from our doctors. This can ensure that their good work is not hindered by ill health.

Travel for adventure/sports/recreation. Whether it is water rafting in unknown waters or trekking through forests and mountain or going on an exciting jungle safari - adventure and recreation travellers would do best to plan their travel vaccinations in advance, using the guidance of our experts at The Capstone Clinic. While one cannot predict injuries, for sure our travel advisory can help mitigate the additional risk of infections.

Senior citizens and those with pre-existing conditions. Given our family medicine approach, we are well -equipped to advise senior citizens and also those with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or allergies to obtain sufficient protection prior to long sojourns abroad. This can go a long way in avoiding unnecessary health complications while on foreign soil.

Some of the key factors that our experts consider while issuing Travel Advisory include:

  • Pre-existing conditions of the traveller if any.
  • Details of destination, risks if any at that location.
  • Nature of travel and likely activities that traveller would undertake during the trip.
  • Level of medical network and hospital coverage in the destination location and availability of medicines
  • Level of mandatory and non-mandatory vaccinations recommended for the destination as per global guidelines, including those from WHO, even if not mandated by Government agencies.